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Wellness Food

Fresh, natural, organic food, packed with nutritional benefits, our Wellness dishes are not simply delicious, they are small works of art.  Eating healthy does not mean starving yourself with tasteless foods. Our Wellness meals deliver a world of goodness minus the guilt.

Daily Wellness Menu

Available at La Pêche du Jour Restaurant at Eddésands and écafé Sursock all year round. Make sure to ask your waiter, for your Wellness Plat du Jour

For Inquiries: 

  • Pêche du Jour (Byblos) 09 54 66 66 ext. 100 
  • écafé Sursock (Achrafieh) 01 33 32 40 or 01 33 35 40

Mindful Eating & Cooking Classes

We believe loving food is appreciating every aspect of its preparation, from picking the right ingredients, to knowing how to combine them for optimum assimilation of nutrients, to understanding their benefits, contemplating their colors, scents, tastes and much more.

Our cooking classes take place during our Wellness Weeks as our guest chefs share their knowledge and passion for nourishing, wholesome food with us, as a way to introduce participants to a healthier lifestyle.