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Alice Eddé Products

Every happy moment can be caught in a scent; every home, every town, each unforgettable encounter is linked to the aroma that came with it. The Alice Eddé Home Collection includes a range of interior perfumes, soaps and fragrances to set free in a bag, a suitcase, a closet… Extracted solely from typically Lebanese flora such a jasmine, lavender, and rose these unique fragrances gently awaken our most moving memories: Sur La Terasse du Palais (jasmine), L'Entrée du Jardin (lavender) and Douce Promenade (rose)

Enjoy the delicate touch of our naturally scented Lavender, Jasmin and Flower cold processed soap. Handmade cold processed soaps are creamier and more luxurious than other natural soaps. We take the time to research, mix and cure the ingredients, testing combinations with different skin types and adding oil essences for specific moods…