Green Bar Products

Flower Mask 60g
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Green Bar’s decadent flower polish is made with mineral rich Rhassoul clay, which works with a large amount of rose powder, to detoxify and rejuvenate. The clay removes impurities from deep layers of the skin, while replacing them with nourishing trace minerals, and the rose is rich in vitamin C for brightening. 100% pure plant powder activates when blended with rosewater.
Moon Water 250ml
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“Moon” stands for beauty in Arabic. The cooling effect of sandalwood, rose, and palm water are a relief from the environmental stresses of the day. This blend is toning and purifying through the astringent waters & is softly anti-inflammatory.
Face Elixir 15ml
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Rice is rich in fatty acids (which the skin cannot manufacture but needs), ceramides to build skin matrix, antioxidants to reverse sun damage & to brighten the skin. Light & gentle, it gives your skin positive reinforcement… 100% Natural 100%Vegan
Cardamom Lip Balm 5g
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A base of raw cacao butter adds a nutty background to the spices to make them taste “familiar” as most of these spices in our cuisine have a backdrop of creamy backgrounds, like buttered basmati rice, or condensed milk with red tea and spices.
Hair Protein Elixir 60ml
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This formula really increases shine with rosemary essential oil, and aloe vera extract, while peppermint cools the scalp and calms the chatter in the mind. The protein rich oils full with omega 3, 6, and 9 nourish the hair, giving it strength, and softness.
Green Balm 60mg
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Green Balm not only nourishes your nails (particularly after the drying effects of nail polish), but disinfects them with its natural botanical super oils such as organic castor and lemongrass. It ensures that your nails and cuticles remain healthy. It is a luxurious and pleasant cure for Athletes Foot too.
Flower Polish Body Scrub 12mg
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This Bedouin anti-oxidant super blend body scrub with sugar, henna, rose, lavender and local Cider is creatively revamped with a luxurious base of botanical infusions of almond, amber, and Brazilian bitter orange. Use this luxury all over your body to energize and remove dead skin cells, allowing softer replenished and toned skin to be revealed.
Lavender & Hazelnut Body Oil 250ml
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To honor the basic recipe of massage and the scent we all associate with it, we have added our touch with a delicious and rich base of Hazelnut oil. It contains Vitamin A, B, and is rich in vitamin E, to help restructure skin to its healthy balanced nature. Its delicacy and lightness makes it suitable for sensitive skin, and gentle enough for baby skin.
Apricot & Grape fruit Body Oil 250ml
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Apricot oil is inspired from the Hunza Valley where the region's inhabitants have long been renowned for having healthy, glowing skin, due to their daily application of this thoroughly therapeutic oil. The infusion of ruby grapefruit zest gives the oil a fresh and ‘citrus-y’ fragrance, adding further to its healing power. Grapefruit stimulates the lymphatic system, aids elimination and detoxification to help combat cellulite, and prevents stretch marks.
Black Vanilla Balm 120ml
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Our velvety and luxurious Black Vanilla Balm is a beauty essential for warm summer nights. The balm acts as a fragrant and tropical natural mosquito repellent- the soothing Vanilla essence also helps reduce skin irritations from sunburn. The addition of raw coconut is also beneficial during times of intense sun exposure.