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Pampering Packages

Authentic beauty rituals and secrets from around the world have inspired incredible journeys into Wellness and splendor. These especially devised variations of familiar themes transport you away from your daily routines for up to 3 hours - either on your own or with a partner.
Bali Escape
Duration: 2h 30 min, Price: 275 $Add To Cart
Regenerate and nourish your skin with a gentle fruit scrub and a nourishing coconut and vanilla wrap. Then, indulge in a synchronized four hands massage with sun-soaked coconut oil followed by a relaxing freshly picked flower bath.
Wonders of Agadir
Duration: 2h 30 min, Price: 210 $Add To Cart
A deeply exfoliating salt scrub and the Dead-Sea mud wrap allow your skin to absorb all the minerals in this ancient formula. A tea tree and mint oil draining massage is followed by a mint tea warm Jacuzzi, to detoxify and replenish your entire body.
The Queen of Sheba
Duration: 120 min, Price: 175 $Add To Cart
Treat yourself to Cleopatra’s favorite regenerative wrap and to the pleasure of a calming full body massage. Finally, glide into the traditional ‘Bath of the Queen’, a subtle mélange of milk and rosewater leaving your skin soft, supple and shining.
The Spice Road
Duration: 120 min, Price: 175 $Add To Cart
The herb and spice scrub followed by a full body massage stimulate blood circulation, sharpen the mind and energize the body. End your journey with a reconstructive facial mask that will induce that old energy and glow.
The Sun of Luberon
Duration: 120 min, Price: 159 $Add To Cart
Exfoliate your skin with a body scrub of sea salts and scents of Provence. Then, bask in the pleasure of an anti-stress full body massage. As a finishing touch, soak in the traditional ‘Lavender Bath.’
Sea Marine Detoxifying
Duration: 1h 30 min, Price: 140 $Add To Cart
Our freshly-picked mint leaf scrub followed by the sea marine mud wrap regulates your body fluid, strengthens your nervous system, and stimulates digestive and circulatory activity. End your journey with a relaxing back massage.
Sunshine Repair
Duration: 60 min, Price: 100 $Add To Cart
A wrap of herbs and oils and a refreshing softening soak use their anti-inflammatory and healing properties to repair your sunburnt skin while enveloping you in a sweet floral haze.
Newly Weds Package
Duration: 120 min, Price: 333 $Add To Cart
Experience a duo full body aromatic massage and a purifying body scrub together, while leaving all your worries and tensions behind. End your visit with a duo scented Bath with freshly picked flower petals.
Bachelor Package (8 persons, inc. bride)
Duration: 180 min, Price: 787 $Add To Cart
Many surprises await the lovely bride as all participants benefit from an exfoliating body scrub and a soothing back massage before enjoying a flower-scented Jacuzzi all together in the fantastic ambiance of our outdoor spa.