As proclaimed by Mr. Roger Edde, the founder of Eddesands Hotel & Wellness Resort, it was all about the complete transformation of the beaches and the historical landscape of Byblos into a major tourist destination that will attract lovers of nature, leisure, entertainment and good life into the historic city. Eddesands aims to continue its journey as the preferred tourist attraction by continuously providing the highest standards of hospitality along with a comprehensive set of facilities that include Hotels, Restaurants, Wedding Venues, Spa, Banquets and a Convention Center.

Since its inception Eddesands has been a haven of relaxation and well-being and a bulwark of positive change fundamentally altering the old perceptions of Byblos as a static, historic yet uneventful city. Renowned for its unique architectural style molded in the spirit of its historic surroundings the resort showcased an attractive mix of beautiful gardens; water cascades, traditional arcades and sandstone built Lebanese style houses.
Launched in 2003, Eddesands initial phase consisted of one Restaurant, a Spa, a Beach bar and an outdoor wedding venue. In 2005 the next phase of expansion saw the project spread over an area of 100,000 Square meters that included within it 5 major swimming pools, 8 beach front Bungalows with roof-top terraces, 3 blue suites by the VIP circular pool, 9 deluxe poolside rooms, 10 Cabanas with Jacuzzis, a 28 room annex hotel, 8 restaurants, an indoor Ballroom and an indoor heated pool. 
Eddesands quickly established itself as the prime destination for local, regional and international tourists as they converged into a bustling, entertaining and beautiful resort intent on savoring the best service and the highest quality products available. Recognized for its important contribution to local and national tourism Eddesands not only acquired the loyalty and dedication of a large segment of the client base, it was moreover privy to multiple awards throughout the years among them….. (awards) 

Mr. Roger Edde, an economic magnet in his own right has seen it fit to come back to his native land following the end of the civil war and recreate the best of what he experienced when he was as many Lebanese were and continue to be adrift in foreign lands away from the country they love. By creating Eddesands, he has laid a wonderful anchor right where it should be in his own region among his own people and for this we are all proud of what transpired as he should be.