Eddésands offers a diverse range of menus and venues giving a wide choice to our privileged clientèle. Guests will be privy to exotic gardens, an immaculate view of beautiful pools and the golden sandy beach of the Mediterranean. Our professional banquet team will be fully at your disposal to make your whole experience unique and memorable.

Your wedding at Eddesands will allow you the following benefits:

  • Professional escort to the bride throughout the event
  • Honeymoon suite for one night including a deluxe breakfast
  • An exotic fruit basket
  • A bottle of the finest champagne
  • Selection of canapés platter
  • Colored macarons for the bride
  • A cigar for the groom
  • Pre-cut cake portions for each guest
  • Complimentary membership card for the couple valid for the entire season
  • Complimentary wedding cake customized in line with the wedding theme
  • Pre-cut cake portions for each guest
  • A bottle of champagne for the bride and groom

For your convenience:

Our in-house spa & esthetic services will be available upon reservation including free trials for hair and make up.



Prestigious airconditioned venue with an open view to the main VIP pool of Eddésands. Can accomodate weddings, large events, coorporate activities and conferences.


Ideal for limited weddings, private functions and conferences.The venue's architectural design, arcades and the use of sandstones within the interior is meant to give its guests the authentic feel of the cultural heritage that is so prevalent within the historic city of Byblos.



The venue is embedded with lavish gardens is adjacent to the longest outdoor pool and can lay claim to being the largest wedding space at Eddésands.


This amazing poolside venue offers an ideal setting for a medium size wedding. By virtue of its location, Ferdaous becomes a natural extension to the Honeymoon Garden and is used in the event of a very large wedding as a welcome drink area.


Let the beautiful Mediterranean Sea be the natural backdrop to your special day . This venue joins majestically the magnificent expanses of beautiful gardens, stretches of golden sand and the vast reach of the Mediterranean. It is 'par excellence' the perfect seaside venue for religious ceremonies, ansd Gala dinners.


Les Cascades is the living heart of Eddésands . It is the most coveted area within the resort and the most sought after for day and night events. Les Cascades area fully surrounds the VIP pool and is blessed with a breathtaking view of the historic Citadel of Byblos. It is the most private location in the most bustling space of Eddésands.


Conveniently located next to the pool, overseeing the beach as well as the beach bar, the éParadiso is easily accessible and popular for small and medium size weddings.

For your banquet requests, contact us on banquet@eddesands.com


Venue Area in SQM Seated Menu Buffet Menu Religious Ceremony
éBallroom 725 600 300 N/A
éByblos 225 144 144 100
Homeymoon Garden 2000 N/A 1000 1400
Ferdaous 1100 N/A 200 800
Cottage Park 1800 N/A 500 1200
Les Cascades 2000 1000 500 N/A
éPaillotte 400 N/A 180 N/A
Beach Bar 750 N/A 200 150
éParadiso 360 200 200 300
Tente de la Reine 600 N/A 100 N/A