Eddésands Hotel & Wellness Resort

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EddéSands Hotel & Wellness Resort

EddéSands is a Beach Resort and Spa located 35km north of Beirut and open all year round. This Hotel and Wellness Resort is one of the favorite party destinations in summer and a perfect haven for relaxation and well-being throughout the year.

Urban & Unique

Hotel & Wellness Resort in Byblos

Urban & Unique

Hotel & Wellness Resort in Byblos

Urban & Unique

Hotel & Wellness Resort in Byblos


Rooms & Suites

Our hotel offers 9 Deluxe Rooms, Ground Level with Pool View, 8 Luxurious Sea View Bungalows known as “Les Maisons Libanaises”, 3 Blue suites are located by the VIP pool side, The Green suite, The Princess suite & The Royal suite that have a great privacy, a large garden area & an outdoor Jacuzzi  View All Rooms

Eat & Drink

Restaurant & Bar

At Eddésands, every plate is a canvas, and our chefs are the artists, creating culinary masterpieces that delight the senses. From the vibrant colors to the exquisite flavors, each dish tells a story of passion and creativity. Step into our world of refined tastes and let your palate be enchanted by an unforgettable dining experience.

Spa & Wellness

Relax • Indulge • Let Go

Escape the chaos of everyday life and surrender to a world of serenity at éTropical Spa unrivaled spa.

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Enchanting Eddésands: Where Love Meets Luxury


Offers & News

Start your mornings right with the tranquility of EddéSands Early Bird Membership. Experience the serene beauty of our shores before the world awakens, and let the gentle lapping of waves be your soundtrack to a perfect day.

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Luxurious Retreat

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